Projects - Your Project

The Nine Pound Studios team has extensive experience in creative production, development, and project management.  We are always interested in talking with other people about their ideas and sharing our expertise in mutually beneficial partnerships.  We're a passionate team of people who are dedicated to pushing technology to its limits.  If you have an exciting idea and need some help bringing it to reality, please contact our team today.

Our Compentancies


We have the skills to bring an idea to life.  The first step is usually creating concept artwork of the idea.  We can create concept artwork that is quick-n-dirty or we can create high quality, polished, poster quality artwork ready for printing.

3D Modeling and Texturing

Our artists can create assets that will meet the requirements of your projects for a variety of environments.  On most mobile platforms, model efficiency is of prime importance.  When creating a model and texturing it, we know the tricks to make high quality products at the lowest cost that will perform well on your platform.


We have animators that have worked on some pretty impressive projects in the video game and movie industries.  We have tools which enable us to produce content for in game animation as well as cinematics.


We have both music composition and sound effects production capacity.

Project Management

One thing that you get when working with Nine Pound Studios is the complete package.  We have a working production pipeline so that we can manage all facets of your production and get everything done as necessary.


Desire isn't a competency?  Well, maybe not.  When you meet the NPS team, we think that you'll notice something different about us.  We love what we do and we do it with a lot of energy.  If you have a project that you need some help with, we would be priviledged to have a chance to help you with the production of your idea.  Please contact us.